Core Programming - Ma'yan

Core Programming

Ma’yan’s core programming caters to both youth and adults who are interested in learning more about intersectional feminism and in building relationships with likeminded people, passionate about social justice.  To learn more about our core programs and their target constituencies explore below:


That’s Not Fair!

That’s Not Fair! is Ma’yan’s arts-based political training program. Together with Ma’yan facilitators, local artists and activists use creative arts to explore issues such as feminism, power, oppression, and privilege with self-identified Jewish girls. Past TNF programs have included political...

Social Justice Educators Group

Social Justice Educators Group

Since 2012, we've been convening a diverse group of educators and activists who work on social justice issues in privileged communities. This can mean teaching white people about race, teaching affluent people about class, etc. ...

Living Feminism

Living Feminism is an intensive workshop geared at self-identified women and gender non-conforming people who want to delve deeper into the meaning of feminism in today’s world and current political climate. We’ll discuss the tenets of intersectional feminism, examining how...