Top 5 Reasons to Apply for the Ma’yan Research Training Internship

Note: Applications are now closed for the 2014-2015 RTI application cycle. Still eager to learn more about the program? Contact Director of Research Beth Cooper Benjamin at

1. You get to meet an amazing group of Jewish girls from around the NYC metro-area.  

Research Training Interns come from across the spectrum of Jewish identity, from the city and the suburbs, and from a range of public, private, and Jewish day schools.  What they all have in common is a passion for making the world a better place for girls and people of all genders.


2. It’s a safe space to talk about issues that affect your life

 The theme for the 2014-15 Research Training Internship is “Secrets of the Perfect Girl,” which basically means all the pressures and expectations Jewish teen girls feel they’re being held to.  What do those pressures look like?  Where do they come from?  What happens when girls try to live up to them?  And what happens when they don’t?  We’ll learn from lots of different sources including (most importantly) your own!


3. You’ll learn about inequality, social justice, and how to make change in your community.  

In the Research Training Internship, we talk about concepts like power, oppression, and privilege.  We drop the f-bomb: no, not that f-bomb, the other one – feminism.  And we’ll learn about different ways groups and individuals are working today to change unfair and unjust situations and then design our own project to create justice in our communities.


4. You get to dive deep into a topic you really care about.  

Students often feel forced to jump from one focus to the next, memorizing a bunch of facts and then moving on to the next subject.  In the Research Training Internship, we have no standardized test to prepare for, no bell system and no grades! We take our time with rich discussion and activities on the issues the group is most interested in.


5. You choose where to take it.  

Unlike school, the Research Training Internship is a partnership between high school interns and Ma’yan staff advisors.  That means that our projects aren’t chosen ahead of time. We’ develop them together based on the group’s interests and priorities. 



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