Evening Learning
Evening Learning

Gather with old friends and new to study Jewish text, history, philosophy and more with the best teachers New York City has to offer. You'll find offerings for beginners, experienced learners, and everyone in between.

Classes include:

  • Basics of Judaism:  This experiential 18-week course introduces the basic principles, theology, literature, and ritual/spiritual practices of Judaism through discussions and exposure to traditional texts, contemporary readings, and real-life Jewish experiences, including class trips to synagogues and other Jewish institutions. A great introduction to Judaism for those exploring conversion to Judaism and an opportunity for those who grew up Jewish to learn what it's all about.

  • How do Jews Respond to Crisis and Tragedy?  We will explore how Jewish thinkers respond to the tragedies they experienced and how they defined "tragedy." How did the rabbis in Poland react to the pogroms? How did twentieth century thinkers respond to the Holocaust? How did the Orthodox rabbis respond to the Enlightenment?

  • A History of Jewish Muslim Relations:  In 2014, Princeton published the first encyclopedic guide to the history of relations between Jews and Muslims around the world, from the birth of Islam to today. This exceptional collection is made all the more crucial because of current events. Join editor Benjamin Stora with a panel including Mark Cohen, Daisy Khan, and Jerusha Lamptey discussing how the authors' balanced approach and selection of critical facts allows for a greater historical understanding and a more informed dialogue between Jews and Muslims. Moderated by Rabbi Burton L. Visotzky.

  • Ruth:  Two Love Stories:   Megillat Ruth is a small but dramatic canonical book. It is also unique in the Bible--whereas most of the Torah is narrative, a whopping two-thirds of Megillat Ruth's 85 verses are dialogue, and most of that is between or involving women. It tells the timeless story of one family fleeing a famine; of death and return to one's ancestral home; of women who start out as strangers and evolve into a strong and loving unit; of one woman's exceptional loyalty, and of one man's strength and love for her. We will examine this story through text and Midrash, and we will ask and answer many questions: How does Ruth, a Moabite "outsider," turn her wary and hostile Israelite mother-in-law into an ally? Why must Ruth marry a kinsman of her dead husband? How does Ruth evolve into an Israelite "insider?" What can justify Ruth's nighttime seduction of Boaz? Why does the Torah tap a Moabite woman to be the great-grandmother of King David and ancestress of the Messiah? Come and learn why Ruth's story is a beloved and exciting sacred Jewish text.

  • Sowing the Seeds of a Healthy Marriage:  As you plan your wedding, make sure to also prepare for a healthy and loving marriage. Facilitated by guest experts, sessions will focus on financial planning, communication and conflict, sustaining a healthy sex life, imagining your Jewish family, and crafting a ceremony that reflects your values. For opposite sex and same sex, Jewish and interfaith couples.

  • War, Peace, and Arab-Jewish Relations:  This course will present selected writings of two Israeli rabbinic giants of the 20th century - the late Israeli Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Shlomo Goren and the late Tel Aviv Chief Sephardic Rabbi Haim David Halevi. Topics include the ethics of the 1982 Israeli military campaign in Lebanon, the legal obligations of the Israeli government towards its minority populations, and a debate on the thorny problem of Palestinian prisoner exchange for captive Israeli Defense Forces soldiers. Register for individual sessions or the complete series for a fuller understanding of how rabbinic thought can be applied to the vexing issues facing Israel today.

  • Celebrating Global Women:  Celebrate the publication of author Betsy Teutsch's exciting new book 100 Under $100: One Hundred Tools for Empowering Global Women and learn about amazing low-cost /high impact paths out of poverty. Joined by Kamy Wicoff of She Writes Press and representatives from tikkun olam initiatives around the world, the evening will be informative--and inspiring!

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