Frequently Asked Questions

Please look over the categories below to find the area of your current question.  If you cannot find an answer, please contact us via the Feedback button on the right hand side of the screen.

Account Management

I do not know if I have an account, how do I find out?

Click the Log In link in the upper right corner of the website. When you get to the Log In page, click the Forgot my Password link and enter your primary email address. If you are in our system, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Your username is your email address.

I know I had an account on the previous site but I am being told I do not have an account set-up?

Please contact our Registration desk at 646.505.5700, and they will be happy to assist you in searching for your account.

Account Management - On Family Management site, not all of my family members are there and/or wrong person on my account. How do I change this?

Please contact our Membership Office at 646.505.5708 to add members to your household. You can add people online but these users will not qualify for membership discounts if our membership office does not process them.

Account Management - How do you store my credit card information so that it is secure?

Credit cards are tokenized through PayPal and SSL secure.

Account Management - Can I make changes or freeze my membership online?

At this time, all changes to your membership need to be handled through our Membership Department. You can call 646.505.5708 to discuss freezes and membership changes.


I am a member but I am only seeing the non-member price when I am logged in

We recently converted our data to a new system. Some accounts may not have converted properly. Please contact our Membership Office at 646.505.5708. They will assist you in associating your membership with your online account.

How do I apply discounts online?

During the checkout process, there is a place to enter a discount or promotional code.

Can I cancel a class I signed up for online and if so how?

No. Please call our Registration Desk at 646.505.5700 to alter or cancel previous registrations.


Do you share my contact information with a third party?

No. We do not sell or share our mailing lists with anyone.

General - Where do I find your business hours?

Please check our Hours and Schedules page for Building, Fitness Center, Membership Hours and more.

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