Private Senior Fitness / Wellness Coaching

Specialized one-on-one wellness coaching offers senior clients individualized support to stay vital, strong and achieve greater health in a more personal setting than group classes.

Wellness Training with Linda Rose Iennaco provides clients with the personal attention needed to focus on specific areas of improvement. Linda focuses on postural assessment and improved functional alignment as a way to strengthen the integrity of the body to maintain the balance and flexibility the body needs to stay healthy, active and pain free. Following an assessment of each client’s personal fitness goals, Ms. Iennaco develops an individual program to meet the goals identified.

Working in a private setting, Ms. Iennaco helps clients incorporate fitness into their everyday lives so improvement will be lasting. She focuses on activities of daily living such as walking, getting into and out of chairs, getting up from the floor, reaching high shelves with ease, and lifting heavy objects safely. She integrates weights and resistance bands for specific exercises.

More About the Individual Assessment: An in-depth assessment is a great place to start to build a foundation for health at any age. Once you know where you are, you can more easily determine the course of action you need to take to ensure you are doing all you can to stay healthy. Ms. Iennaco takes a health history and works with each client to define his/her current level of well being. Areas evaluated include:

  • Alignment
  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Endurance
  • Gait
  • Joint Mobility
  • Range of Motion

The assessment leads to a plan of action with recommendations of exercises and activities to become more engaged in life and achieve greater health.

Private Senior Fitness/Wellness Coaching is offered by appointment only in a private setting at the JCC. Day/hour availability varies. Membership not required. For more info, rates or to book a session, please call 646.505.4385.

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