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The Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan's film program showcases films that promote change and reflect on important topics. Our year round CINEMATTERS series presents previews and special engagements of films followed by discussions with filmmakers, actors, and other special guests.

We also host three festivals in house including the ReelAbilities Film Festival: New York, Other Israel Film Festival, and the Israel Film Center Festival.

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Upcoming Screenings

Fall Season Film Pass
  • 9/1/2018 - 12/31/2018
  • $65.00 / $85.00

Purchase a pass for our acclaimed series and enjoy a spectacular season of preview and premiere films, special cinematic events and discussions. Enjoy cutting edge films from around the world, documentaries and special engagements, followed by conversations with filmmakers and special guest speakers.

Fall season runs from 9/1/18-12/31/18. This pass is for personal use only. Passes do not include film festival screenings.

To ensure tickets to each screening, reservations are still necessary. Pass does not constitute ticket to film/events. Please claim tickets in the JCC lobby or call the box office at 646-505-5708.

The Interrogation
  • Tue, Oct 16 7:00 PM
  • $12.00 / $15.00

Dir. Erez Pery (Israel/Germany, 2016, 84 min)

This film is a fictional recounting of the final interrogation and last days of Rudolph Ferdinand Hoss, the longstanding commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II.  Hoss was later executed for his crimes against humanity. This film is notable in the fact that for the first time, an Israeli film director gives voice to the perpetrator.

Screening followed by Q+A with director.

Speak Your Truth
  • Tue, Oct 23 7:00 PM
  • $12.00 / $15.00

Dir. Kris Erickson (US, 2017, 84 min)

Nine women tell their stories about being married and coming out later in life and changing their lives.

Screening followed by Q+A with director. 

"Speak Your Truth" Documentary Teaser from Robert DeMaio on Vimeo.

Lives Well Lived
  • Tue, Oct 30 7:00 PM
  • $15.00

Dir. Sky Bergman (US, 2018, 72 min)

Lives Well Lived is a feature documentary film by Sky Bergman that celebrates the incredible wit and wisdom of adults 75 to 100 years old who are living their lives to the fullest. Encompassing over 3000 years of experience, 40 people share their secrets and insights to living a meaningful life. Their intimate memories and inspiring personal histories will make you laugh, and perhaps cry, but mostly inspire you.

Cosponsored by What Matters: Caring Conversations About End of Life. Part of Reimagine End of Life

Reimgine is a citywide exploration of death and celebration of life through creativity and conversation. Drawing on the arts, spirituality, healthcare, and design, the weeklong event sets out to spark dialogue, break down taboos, and bring diverse communities together around one universal topic.

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Lives Well Lived - trailer from Sky Bergman on Vimeo.

12th Annual Other Israel Film Festival
  • 11/1/2018 - 11/8/2018
  • $12.00


This groundbreaking festival brings you premiere films that take a deeper look into Israeli and Palestinian societies. Join us for a week-long festival of award-winning international films as well as engaging conversations on hot topics that illuminate the diversity of Israeli society. Participate in panel discussions with filmmakers and other special guests, gala events, and more. Festival made possible by the generosity of Carole Zabar.

We are hosting events and screenings at the following locations: Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan, Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn, JCC Harlem, NYU

All screenings followed by Q+A with guests
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82 Names: Syria, Please Don't Forget Us
  • Wed, Nov 14 7:00 PM
  • $10.00 / $15.00

Dir. Maziar Bahari (2018, 48 min)

A documentary film that traces the journey of Mansour Omari, a survivor of torture and imprisonment in Syria. As Omari seeks to rebuild his life in exile and visits sites in Germany that memorialize the victims of the Holocaust, he reflects on how to bring attention to the brutal regime he escaped—and counter extremist ideology in the future. 82 Names is a powerful story of how one man risked his life to document atrocity crimes and bring that evidence to the world.

82 Names: Syria, Please Don't Forget Us is a co-production of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Maziar Bahari. A discussion with Rafif Jouejati, co-founder and director of FREE-Syria, and others will follow the screening.

Old Friends
  • Tue, Nov 20 7:00 PM
  • $12.00 / $15.00

Dir. Peter Odabashian (US, 2015, 90 min)

Old Friends is a bittersweet portrayal of trauma, depression, falling in love, getting older, and finding happiness. With no additional crew, Peter Odabashian visits sixteen of his longtime friends who reveal surprising truths to his camera about the paths they chose in life. As we hear their stories, we begin to understand how they helped make Odabashian, the child of Armenian genocide survivors, the “happiest depressed person in the world.” Old Friends is a film of unusual intimacy. It is a loving portrait of kindred spirits, their pain, their joy, and what matters in life.

Screening followed by Q+A with director. 

Old Friends Trailer 2015 from Peter Odabashian on Vimeo.

The Invisibles
  • Tue, Nov 27 7:00 PM
  • $12.00 / $15.00

Dir. Claus Räfle (Germany, 2017, 110 min)

 In June 1943, Germany infamously declared Berlin “judenfrei”—“free of Jews.” But at that moment there were still 7,000 Jews living in the Nazi capital: hiding in attics, basements, and warehouses, protected by courageous Berliners while desperately trying to avoid deportation. Only 1,700 lived to liberation. The Invisibles tells the stories of four survivors, interweaving their testimony with highly accomplished dramatizations, an unusual hybrid approach that brings edge-of-the-seat suspense to their years spent underground.

Screening followed by Q+A with director. 

  • Tue, Dec 04 7:00 PM
  • $12.00 / $15.00

Dir. Cameron Bossert (US, 2018, 82 min)

A lonely Jew in Utah has been terrified of his Mormon neighbors since childhood, to the point where he refuses to leave his grandmother's house. But when the house goes up for sale, he's forced to confront his biggest fears. After a mental breakdown he's met by an Ancient Jewish Muse and the ghost of Joseph Smith, who both help him understand the history and significance of being Jewish in the Beehive State, but offer conflicting guidance on what to do next. Jewtah is a magic-realist crowd pleaser about being an outsider.

Screening followed by Q+A with director and lead actor Jeremy Rishe. 

Back to the Fatherland
  • Tue, Dec 11 7:00 PM
  • $12.00 / $15.00

Dir. Kat Rohrer, Gil Levanon (Germany/Austria/Israel, 2017, 77 min)

Back to the Fatherland is the story of young people leaving their home country to try their luck somewhere else. A universal tale in today’s globalized world, weren’t these young women and men moving from Israel to the countries where their families were persecuted and killed less than a century ago, Germany and Austria

Screening followed by Q+A with directors. 

Back To The Fatherland - Offical Trailer from Kat Rohrer on Vimeo.

The Zookeeper's Wife
  • Tue, Dec 18 7:00 PM
  • $12.00 / $15.00

Copresented by the Polish Cultural Institute

Dir. Niki Caro (US/UK, 2017, 126 min)

In 1939 Poland, Antonina Zabinska (two-time Academy Award® nominee Jessica Chastain) and her husband successfully run the Warsaw Zoo and raise their family in an idyllic existence. Their world is overturned, however, when the country is invaded by the Nazis and they are forced to report to the Reich's newly appointed zoologist (Daniel Brühl). To fight back on their own terms, the Zabinskis risk everything by covertly working with the Resistance and using the zoo's hidden tunnels and cages to save families from Nazi brutality.

Screening followed by Q+A with Annette Insdorf. 

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