Sports is an integral part of so many children's lives. At the JCC we believe that developing and nurturing a child's lifelong love of sports starts them on the path of fitness, health and wellness which they will carry throughout their lives. All classes focus on footwork, skill development, concepts of each sport and an appreciation of healthy competition. Classes with multiple sport curriculae will include baseball, basketball, hockey, team handball and more. Specific sport classes such as slam dunk basketball, pee wee and advanced tennis and outdoor lacrosse will focus on the skills and strategies of those sports.  Your child's JCC sports experience will always include fitness, fair play and fun!

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Classes include:

  • Getting in the Game (4 years-4 years, 11 months): Play basketball, hockey, soccer, and more.  Children are introduced to team play while focusing on skill development.

  • Playing the Game (5 years-5 years, 11 months): Concentrates on team play while continuing to build skills. Football, Soccer, Hockey and Team Handball are among the sports played.

  • Advanced Game Play (6 years-10 years, 11 months): Emphasizes team play while introducing strategies of the game. Teamwork and sportsmanship play a major role in class. Among the sports played are basketball, soccer, hockey and football.

  • Pee Wee Tennis (4 years-5 years, 11 months): Explore all aspects of tennis in a fun, nurturing way. Children will learn groundstrokes, volleys, and overhead strokes in a non-competitive manner. Classes will maintain a maximum student-coach ratio of 4:1.

  • Slam Dunk (6 years-12 years, 11 months): Young athletes will master offensive and defensive techniques, learn basketball drills, scrimmage, and play games. Emphasis is placed on teamwork, coordination, and skill building.

  • Advanced Tennis (6 years-9 years, 11 months): Continues to develop basic tennis skills of groundstrokes, volleys, overheads, and serves. Tennis strategies are taught while competition between students is introduced. Maximum student-coach ratio of 4:1.

  • Multi-sports (4-13 years): Children focus on teamwork, skill-building, and learning the fundamentals of game play. This class builds upon those skills with warm-ups, drills, and class games involving tennis, soccer, baseball, and more.

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