Jewish Life
Strengthening Jewish ties


Once a week, young children gather at the JCC for Jewish activities in a warm, inviting atmosphere.  Through yoga poses, holiday recipes, theatrical experiences, art-making, storytelling, and more, young children learn about the rhythm and meaning of Jewish life.  

They taste, smell, touch, hear, and see what it means to celebrate Shabbat and Jewish holidays.  Within each age group, they grapple with big questions relating to Torah stories and practice the Jewish values that are still so important today.  And they sing, not only because music has many benefits for young children, but also because it introduces Hebrew in an enjoyable way.

Families are partners in the work that we do, joining children and teachers to visit cultural institutions across NYC to learn about Jewish heritage; participating in community service projects, acts of chesed, and mitzvot; celebrating Jewish life and tradition; and helping children begin to build their unique Jewish identities. 

Philosophy & Mission

Our mission is to provide children with the means to develop their own unique Jewish identities. We strive to create a place where children feel comfortable asking questions and being themselves, where learners of all types are welcome and included. To meet these goals, teachers work collaboratively with children to create personalized experiences that spark wonder and creativity, build confidence, and create meaningful connections between people. Families are partners in the work that we do, joining with children and teachers to celebrate Jewish life and tradition.

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