Click here for hours of operation for the lot sukkah, co-sponsored by JCC Harlem and Chabad of Harlem.

Click here for hours of operations for the Morningside sukkah, created by Harlem-based artist V. Cybil Charlier and co-presented by Art in Flux.

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Dear Harlem community,
JCC Harlem is very excited to partner with friends throughout the neighborhood for the holiday of Sukkot, a weeklong Jewish holiday that celebrates the gathering of the harvest, and commemorates the years the children of Israel wandered the desert after leaving Egypt.

This year, JCC Harlem will contribute to the building of two sukkot (plural of sukkah, which is a tabernacle or temporary dwelling) in the neighborhood - one next door in the JCC Harlem lot, in partnership with Chabad of Harlem; and another at 112th St. and Morningside Ave, created by. Both will be open to all in the community for the course of the holiday.

Our Sukkot programming this holiday asks an important question: "Who is a stranger?"- pushing us to consider what it means to "placemake" in this historical community. We will engage with this question in different ways throughout the holiday, including:

An Evening of Radical Welcome on Wednesday, 9/26 6:30-8:30pm
Who is Strange? How to Talk About Difference on Friday, 9/28 3:30-5pm
Families Celebrate Sukkot in Harlem on Sunday, 9/30 from 2-4pm (Individual tickets)
Families Celebrate Sukkot in Harlem on Sunday, 9/30 from 2-4pm (Family tickets)

Whether Sukkot is a holiday with rituals and commandments that are familiar to you or not, we invite you to visit either sukkah to learn more about the holiday and/or to join us for a meal.

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