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Hank Azaria and Randy Cohen


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Before writing The New York Times Magazine's "The Ethicist," Randy Cohen wrote humor pieces, essays, and stories for The New Yorker, Harpers, and the Atlantic. He's also won five Emmys for his television writing. His book, Be Good: How to Navigate the Ethics of Everything, was published in 2013


Sloane Crosley


Brian Lehrer


Gary Shteyngart


Anna Quindlen


Noah Emmerich


André Aciman


Gail Simmons


Jami Floyd


Jonathan ​Safran Foer


Jonathan Greenblatt


Stephen Dubner


Gale Brewer


Laurie Anderson


Andy Borowitz


Andrew Ross Sorkin


Frank Bruni


Leandra Medine


Mark Bittman


Hank Azaria


Garry Kasparov

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