With a goal of providing families with rich and engaging experiences, our programs are designed with a low student-to-teacher ratio in a caring and supportive environment. Although our special needs classes are not separated according to specific needs, we try to group similar abilities together. An intake is required before enrollment in any class. We also welcome the opportunity for children with special needs to participate in the variety of children’s classes listed throughout the website.

If you have a child with special needs and would like to explore your options further, or if you would like information on financial aid, please contact Allison Kleinman at



Boost! is a small, activity-based afterschool group for individuals on the autism spectrum or with other social, learning and communication differences. There is a high instructor to student ratio and peer "buddies" to facilitate age appropriate social interactions. Boost! provides a positive and fun environment for your children and teens to interact with peers and work on developing friendship skills. Through typical afterschool activities (e.g., board games, arts and crafts, cooking, music and movement), our dedicated staff coaches children and teens to initiate interactions with others, take turns, sustain conversation and learn about each other, as well as to employ self-regulation skills in a group setting. The Boost! experience empowers our participants to feel confident about their strengths and abilities and to see themselves as belonging to a social group.



The JCC offers focused swim classes for children with special needs, which feature small class sizes and dedicated instructors. Children will be placed in groups with swimmers at similar abilities. An intake form and phone interview with our swim office is required for class placement.

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