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remembering debbie friedman

debbie friedman

The JCC in Manhattan joins Jews across the globe in mourning the loss of Debbie Friedman, the singer and songwriter who has been credited with revitalizing the music of North American synagogues.

Her invaluable presence at The JCC in Manhattan began with annual seders that she ran for Ma'yan, a feminist-focused think tank, and developed over the years. She was perhaps most well-known for her healing services, which she organized regularly at The JCC in Manhattan. These healing services reached an enormous audience, and they helped to create a community based on togetherness–a community sustained by Ms. Friedman's services.

Debbie Friedman gave many people who were alienated from Judaism new pathways to Jewish spirituality. She emphasized the value of every voice and the power of song. She said, "The more our voices are heard in song, the more we become our lyrics, our prayers, and our convictions." Indeed the woman who wrote the song that asks God to "help us find the courage to make our lives a blessing" herself modeled for us all what that looks like.

Join us to celebrate the life and music of Debbie Friedman at Central Synagogue on Thursday, January 27 at 7:30 pm in the Main Sanctuary. All are welcome as we pay tribute to Debbie's life and legacy. Central Synagogue is located at 652 Lexington Avenue at 55th Street.

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